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Gaming alone? You can’t do that, it’s too dangerous!

Yeah Gamers! is a blog dedicated to helping the gamers of tumblr connect. Our goal is to build a friendly community for everyone. The blog will have promos, giveaways, contests, etc., and while off the blog, we’ll hold game nights and silly events for everyone to join in on. 
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Elise Trailer y Figura

Antes de la Revolución, París vive sus horas más oscuras: El Terror. Durante esa época tan anárquica y violenta, han rodado miles de cabezas. Nobles, curas, campesinos; hombres o mujeres; nadie escapa a las garras de la guillotina.
Descubre el nuevo tráiler CGI de Arno, ¡en el que le…

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let me introduce myself

1. the meaning behind my url
2. a picture of me
3. tattoos i have
4. last time i cried and why
5. piercings i have
6. favorite band
7. biggest turn off(s)
8. top 5 (insert subject)
9. tattoos i want
10. biggest turn on(s)
11. age
12. ideas of a perfect date
13. life goal(s)
14. piercings i want
15. relationship status
16. favorite movie
17. a fact about my life
18. phobia
19. middle name
20. anything you want to ask

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i’m thinking of changing my blog name to something more “mature/professional” or whatever.. and i just want a bit of a change

so i was thinking of adding my name .e.g graceygames or graciegaming

or a short url like nexiies or nexya which are more original

im personally thinking of nexisgames.. i know you all know me as connorkawaii/grace but.. i dont know if im comfortable putting my first name as my URL just yet… (nexis used to be a username i used..)

what do you all think? :)  please please let me know by replying/messaging me! i want HONEST opinions because i value you a lot! which one? or any other suggestions? would nexisgames be TOO different? WOULD YOU ALL STILL RECOGNISE ME..?

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BREAKING NEWS: There are no rooftop guards in Assassin’s Creed: Unity


Assassin’s Creed Unity - New Screens

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They lead, each Brother plummeting from the tower and landing safely below in a bale of hay. They are like eagles. Truly free.”

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I am constantly blown away with how quickly our fans come out with gif-sets and edits! You are all amazing!

Keep them coming!

you know nothing! (nothing is true)

Elise will also star in a new Assassin’s Creed novel with the same title as the game… written from Elise’s perspective, the book will focus on the battle between the Templars and Assassins, and the roles that she and Arno play in that fight.