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Favorite quotes/moments: assassin’s creed II




Hello lovely people!

Recently I got a McFarlane Toys Edward Kenway figure, but since I already have one and I’ve recently reached a follower milestone, I figured I would give this away to someone who would appreciate it! In addition, I’ve acquired some other collectibles I don’t necessarily need, so if you want anything else in the picture above, it’s free for the the taking!


  • McFarlane Toys Edward Kenway Figure
  • Halo Red Spartan Battle Pack Action Clix (optional)
  • Marvel MiniMates LongShot and Dazzler (optional)
  • Simpson’s 25 Greatest Guest Stars Collectable Figure (optional)
  • My Little Pony Mystery Mini (optional)


  • Must be following me
  • Reblogs only to qualify! (But you won’t be penalized if you like this post)
  • Giveaway will go until April 30th, 9pm EST
  • Winner will be contacted via their ask box, so please keep it open!
  • I’m willing to ship to anywhere in the world
  • You must be ok with sending me your mailing address. I promise I will not use it for anything but sending your prize, and I will promptly delete it once I know you have gotten the package ok

Everything is unopened, brand new (just in case you were wondering), and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Good luck!

Update: I’m changing the closing date to April 23, at 9pm EST. I have a crazy schedule over the next couple of weeks, and I want to make sure I mail this out!

Giveaway is now closed and the winner has been contacted. Thanks everyone for participating :)


"When I was very young, I was foolish enough to believe that our Creed would bring an end to all these conflicts. If only I had possessed the humility to say to myself, I have seen enough for one life, I’ve done my part. Then again, there is no greater glory than fighting to find the truth."    

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Video game characters + favourite names

AC4 character close- ups: 3/7

» Mary Read aka James Kidd

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what the fuck, Desmond. What the fuck

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"Has he lost his mind?"

"Such a strange man."

"He should stop acting like a child!"


Since Harlequins (and most importantly Ottoman Jesters) are life, have some AWESOME Caha cosplay by MadameSpontaneous on DeviantArt.

Her gallery of Caha pictures is right here:

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Assassin’s Creed Saga by Zangado


me edward, and kayuisama

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make me choose > altaïr or desmond (asked by anonymous)